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  11、You know why? Because deep down, you didn't want to show up at this thing with a date. See, for all your big talk about being ready for a relationship, deep down, you're single. It's your default setting.你知道为什么吗?因为在你内心深处,你并不想在婚礼上偕伴出现。明白吗?你虽然口口声声发表着恋爱宣言,但是在你内心深处,你认定自己是单身的。那是你的默认设置。

  9、You probably want to feel bad for your old man at this point in the story. don't. Not every night has a happy ending. But all of it's important. All of it was leading somewhere. Because suddenly, it was 2006. And 2006 was a big one.故事听到这儿,你们可能会为你们老爸觉得遗憾。别!并不是所有的晚上都是个愉快的结尾,但最重要的是,未来从过去延伸开去。因为突然间2006年就来临了。而2006年,是个大事件年!

  3、Kids, every story in a man's life is like a dot in an impressionist painting...孩子们,在男人一生中发生的每件事都像是印象派画家画中的一个小黑点一样。

  16、We spend so much effort trying to keep parts of our lives hidden, even from our closest friends. But those scare times when we do open up, it's amazing how minor those secrets all end up seeming.我们费尽心机想要守住的一些生活的小秘密,甚至是对最好的朋友。但在那个奇妙的时刻,当我们揭开各自的秘密,才惊异的发现它们其实是那么微不足道。

  5、-- How do you sit out here all night on the roof in the cold, and still have faith your pumpkin's goanna show up?-- look, I know that odds are, the love of my life isn't goanna magically walk through that door in a pumpkin costume 2:43 in the morning, but this seems as nice a spot as any to just, you know, sit and wait.- 为什么你能整晚坐在这个满是冷风的天台,却仍然坚信你的南瓜小姐会出现?(经典台词)- 我知道我的胜算很小。我生命中的另一半不会神奇地在凌晨2:43分穿着南瓜服走进这扇门。我只是觉得这是个不错的地方你可以坐下来。。。等待。

  14、 I'm saying, I'm here, you're here, this is a big romantic wedding-- why don't we just dance and have a great time, and then when it's over, never see each other again. No e-mails, no phone numbers, not even names. Tonight we will make a memory that will never be tarnished. And then... when we're old and gray, we'll look back on this night and it'll be perfect.我是说,我在这儿,你也在这儿,在我们身后的就是一场浪漫的婚礼。为什么我们不跳支舞,好好的享受这美好的时光,当这一切都结束的时候,不再跟对方联系。没有邮件,没有电话号吗,甚至不告诉对方我们的名字。今晚,我们就来制造一个永不磨灭的回忆。然后。。。当我们老去,再回顾这个夜晚,我们不会有遗憾。

  20、Here's the thing about mistakes. Sometimes, even when you know something's a mistake, you grotto make it anyway.sweet damn that's a hot plate. Hey, is this milk any good? even it is this kind of stupid mistake!错误就是这么一回事。有时,即使你知道是个错误,你还是要犯。“见鬼,这盘子真是烫!”“这牛奶坏了没?”即使这是非常非常愚蠢的错误。

  4、Kids when you are single, all you're looking for is happily ever after。 But only one of your stories can end that way the rest ended with somebody get hurt.孩子们,当你们单身的时候,你们以为感情的结局就是王子公主永远过上幸福快乐的生活。但在你所有的感情经历中,只会有一个是以这种方式结尾,其它都以至少有一个人受伤而告终。

  8、Kids, the thing about new year's eve is that it sucks. Sure, it looks great on TV, but in reality, it's always just a big letdown.孩子们,新年前夜总是糟透了。当然啦,在电视里它看起来还不错,但在现实生活中,它总是让人大失所望。

  15、when you meet someone special, suddenly life is full of firsts. The first kiss. The first night together. The first weekend together.当你遇到了喜欢的人,生活突然就被无数个第一次填满了。第一次接吻,第一次同居,第一次一起过周末。

  18、And that's how robin and I ended up together. Turns out,all I had to do was make it rain. as i rode home this morning, the city looks the same ,the people looks the same it all looks the same,but it wasn't,in just one night, everything it changed最后我和罗宾又在一起了,原来我要做的就是让宇宙下雨。我早上回家时,这个城市看起来跟往常一样,人们看起来一样,一切都看起来没有变化,但是并非如此,一夜之间,一切都改变了。

  1、that's the funny thing about destiny. It happens whether you plan it or not. I mean I never thought I'd see that girl again. But it turns out I was just too close to the puzzle to see the picture that was formal.这就是命运最耐人寻味的地方,无论你是否有意得想去做什么。我是指,我从来没想过我还可以见到这个女人。但原来,我只是离拼图太近了而没有看到整副画的全貌。

  13、Kids, in life there are a lot of big romantic moments. And they make life worth living, but here's the problem: Moments pass, and lurking just around the corner from those moments is a cruel, unshaven bastard named reality.孩子们,生活中总有许多重要的浪漫时刻。它们让生活显得更有意义。但是有个问题:浪漫的时刻转瞬即逝,而从浪漫中衍申出来潜伏在角落的是残酷的,不修边幅的混蛋,它的名字叫——现实。

  2、And that was when I realized why i hung out with barney. I never got where I thought I wanted to go, but I always got a great story.我终于知道为什么我会和巴尼玩在一起了,我去的地方从来都不是原先讲好的地方,但我总能从中获得不同寻常的经历。

  17、the universe clearly does not want you and robin to be together. Don't piss off the universe. The universe will slap you.很明显宇宙根本就不想让你跟罗宾在一起,别跟宇宙过不去,否则就等着挨它呼过来的巴掌吧。

  10、when you're single, and your friends start to get married, every wedding invitation presents a strange moment of self-evaluation: "Will you be bringing a guest, or will you be attending alone?" What it's really asking is, "where do you see yourself in three months?"Sitting next to your girlfriend, or hitting on a bridesmaid?" I always checked that I was bringing a guest. I was an optimist.你还单身的时候,你周围的朋友开始步入婚姻的殿堂。每个婚礼邀请贴都会引发让人心酸的自我估价:您是独自赴约还是偕伴前来? 而它实际在问的是:你估计你未来三个月会有什么进展?是坐在女朋友的边上,还是准备泡上一个伴娘? 我总是把偕伴那栏勾起来。我可是个乐观的人。

  12、By the way, I almost forgot. We found this. I didn't check "plus one."You were right. I'm single. Maybe that's just who I am. And you know what? I like being single. Being single's the best. stay out as late as you want. Answer to no one. The whole world full of endless possibilities.顺带说一下,我都快忘了。我们找到了那张请贴。我没有勾上“偕伴”那栏。你是对的。我之所以单身,也许是因为我就是这样的人。知道吗?我喜欢当个单身汉。单身再好不过了,你可以在外面想呆多晚呆多晚,不用跟人报备。整个世界对你来说充满了无限的可能。

  22、kids, when it comes to love, the best relationships are the ones that just come naturally.孩子们,关于爱情,最好的两性关系就是顺其自然发展的那种。

  21、孩子们,你们的奶奶总是教育我,临晨两点之后不会发生什么好事情。 她说得对,临晨两点一到,就该乖乖回家,躺到床上去睡觉。(18集的英文字幕还没找到,找到再改)

  6、Life is full of changes. One day you have an apartment, the next day it's a house of dumplings. But the important stuff doesn't change. To the important stuff. And to the lemon law.生活充满了变数。前一天你还有一间公寓,第二天你发现它就变成了饺子馆。但那些我们珍视的东西都不会改变。敬那些我们珍视的东西还有柠檬法则。lemon law 柠檬法则之约会篇From the moment the date begins, you have five minutes to decide whether you're going to commit to an entire evening. And if you don't, it's no hard feelings. Just "good night. Thanks for playing. See you never."约会开始后。你可以用五分钟时间来决定你是否要把整个晚上都花在这个人身上。如果你的答案是否,你对他没有什么感觉,只要说“晚安,谢谢参与,再也不见”

  7、That's just how life works sometimes. You turn off your brain for a night, and all your left with the next day is a bad hangover, a sprained ankle, and a pineapple. Oh, we never found out where that pineapple came from, but it was delicious.有时候生活就是这样。你只是放纵大脑一个晚上,第二天早上伴随而来的就是强烈的宿醉,扭伤的脚踝还有一个菠萝。没有人知道这个菠萝是哪来的,不过吃起来还挺甜。

  19、Kids, life is a dark road. You never really know what's up ahead.孩子们 ,人生就象一条黑暗的道路 。你永远也不会知道前方会发生什么。

  23、When you're planning a wedding, there's always one couple with similar taste that seems to be one step ahead of you.当你计划结婚的时候,总会有一对跟你们品味相似的夫妻领先你们一步之遥。